Roselby is a talented and compassionate practitioner. During 5 cancer surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, Roselby guided me with her knowledge and wisdom and gave me the hope, strength and the courage to see the light and to keep moving towards it.

Roselby is different because, unlike many Pilates instructors, you are not getting a stock routine that everyone else gets. You are getting a personalized program based on your needs, strengths, goals, and weaknesses. Roselby is different because she pulls on such a broad base of knowledge across dance, Pilates, FST and other movement philosophies, so she is able to explain what she wants from so many perspectives. With Roselby you get a teacher who really cares, and listens to her clients. Roselby is different because when you’re in your session with her, she is 100% focused, and dedicated to that time which makes it so valuable!
— Jeff Newberry, Teacher

When I met Roselby, I was sleep deprived, and at my highest weight, stress and eating due to a busy and hectic schedule. She first started by trying to understand my habits, lifestyle and what worked and didn’t work for me.  She took me through a nutrition journey, managing my sleep and introducing me to an amazing product from USANA alongside to tips to rest my body.  She put me in a nutrition program including amazing and delicious shakes and I immediate saw results. I was lighter and with more energy throughout the day and slept well!  What more a girl can ask for!
— Newsha Daylami, Marketing Researcher

Roselby has the most genuine and caring demeanor, and really wants the best for you, doing all she can to support you in reaching your goals.  She is accessible, attentive and extremely knowledgeable, I highly recommend her!
— Kimberly Dewar, Lawyer

I was introduced to Fascial Stretch Therapy and Roselby Rodriguez through Body Harmonics. I’ve now had four one hour sessions and I have found it to be the best body work that I’ve ever experienced. Throughout the years, I have explored Thai massage, deep tissue massage, osteopathy and reiki among other modalities to deal with aches and pains. Having now experienced the wonderful, elongating and energizing effects of Fascial stretch therapy with Roselby, I’m sold. I leave each session feeling looser, more stable, more stretched and more flexible than I ever thought possible. Roselby is a highly skilled, kind and caring practitioner. I plan to see her often.
— Lori Dennis, psychotherapist