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My name is Roselby, I am a Nutrition Coach who help active people like you, to break the unhealthy eating patterns and gain control over your lifestyle choices by giving you the tools and the needed mindset to loose the extra weight that is making you uncomfortable and in the way to feeling great, healthier and energized.

I have been exploring my passion for wellness and fitness for over 20 years. It began with a nearly decade long study of music and ballet in Venezuela, and led me to my first Pilates Certification in 2004.

Later, I continued my studies by becoming a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and an ELDOA teacher. Together, all three disciplines have given me a broad spectrum understanding of the human body – giving me a special appreciation for what it can do when we guide and take care of it.

As my knowledge grew, I began to recognize the importance of balancing movement with healthy lifestyle choices and this led me to become a Certified Healthy Eating and Wellness Coach.  As a coach, I can help you to create the body you can be proud of.  If your body is changing, if your hormones are in a roller coaster mode which is affecting your mood and your weight and you know that you need help, I am here for you

When healthy everyday living is combined with mindful movement, real transformation takes place.

By working together, we can create a tailored system that offers you the benefits of not only movement, but also healthy eating, partnership and mentoring.  We can make beautiful things happen in your life.  Just ask. The decision is yours! 

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Set the bar high.


You will always get a personalized program based on exactly what you need.

Imagine taking a journey that leads away from any physical and emotional pain, and frees your mind to experience joy in everyday living. In each session we will consider your strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and most importantly your lifestyle, so that any changes we implement make sense to you.   

Whether it is movement or nutrition coaching, I will always focus on your "WHY”:  staying true to the motivations that fuel your transformation.  This is the difference....

Forget what you have heard about grueling, traditional coaching styles.  I am a storing believer that humour and positivity makes every session more productive and fun. And when combined with my dedication to high standards and quality results, my coaching brings the focus back to what is important and allows you to live out your highest potential.

How I can help you to finally eat well and understand how your body functions so you can loose weight and feel confident.

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"When healthy everyday living is combined with mindful movement, real transformation takes place."